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Welcome to My Heart 4 Art!


As a little girl, I loved Art. My Dad and I would spend hours drawing and making crafts. It was through these moments that I learned that Art, in any form, is a way for kids like me to have a voice about our dreams, our goals, our ambitions. Sometimes our voices get muffled out by adults, but through Art, it is always with us to remind us of who we are and what we believe in. That is where my Mom and I came up with this idea to make a difference in our community. We want to give all kids an opportunity to create their dream board. Kids can visually make their dreams come to life on paper or on a dream board no matter what it is! It is theirs to keep forever. We would like to work with other non-profits that have an event where we can set up a table to let kids create or even donate art boxes for the events. 

Events & Workshops
MyHeart4Art Event Verrado Saturday Oct.

Center on Main - Verrado

Saturday, Oct. 6th, 2018

2 Classes: 1pm & 2pm

Pizza and Drinks Provided

Come Create Your Dreamboard!

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