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Hi, I am Alexis! I just want to make a difference no matter how small I may seem. It all starts with one step, right? Think Neil Armstrong on the Moon: "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." Did Mr. Armstrong know where his small step would lead to for the many Astronauts behind him? No, but his small step was one of many that set others in motion along with their dreams. When I first started to dance, I was so shy and scared. But guess what, I took one small step and now I am on Pointe in ballet! You can not give up no matter what. If you believe in it, you can achieve it. I want to give kids like me a chance to share that little voice through Art. By visually creating your voice, you always have something to look at to keep with you on your journey in life. Whenever you get discouraged and want to give up, look at your Heart 4 Art creation! Part of this journey also includes helping others to find their voice.  What we surround ourselves with, we will surely become. So surround yourself with your own creativity!  Let's Inspire Each Other!


Side Note from Mom:

Alexis is currently in the Honors Program at her Middle School. We thought she had Dyslexia as her reading was suffering. She did not have Dyslexia, but what this taught her is that nothing comes easy. She is now an A+ student. She studies Piano, Dance (Ballet-en pointe, Jazz,  Contemporary, Hip Hop), as well as participates in pageants. She is currently the 2019 USA National Miss Verrado Jr. Teen. Although she has volunteered with her Gampy for several years at St. Vincent de Paul Kitchen in Phoenix, the pageant gave her a platform to really volunteer with various charities around the valley. This has been a wonderful opportunity to see the neverending need for help. She finally understood the phrase "It Takes a Village" which has kind of become our motto. I appreciate everyone who follows and supports her journey to make a difference. Peace, Love and always John 3:16


Depending on the event, most boxes will contain thick paper, paints, brushes, crayons, pencils, motivational stickers, magazines, child-safe scissors, glue or anything that is donated that inspires a child to love who they are and to love others. We all have a voice that is to be heard and respected. We hope through these events our boxes will motivate little minds to create their voice through Art. A time away from phones and electronics to just be kids and focus on their dreams and goals. We all know the power of positive thinking and prayer.   
We would like to work with other non-profits that have an event where we can set up a table to let kids create or even donate art boxes for the events. 

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Samantha Jonson 


Events & Workshops
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